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Automation Manager

Automation Manager is a graphical software package for the creation of application ... READ MORE programs to control machines and inspect/gage products. Includes the full tool set to create single program can incorporate elements of machine vision, gaging, motion control, pseudo ladder logic and more..., all controlled from one software package. All result data can be viewed in dynamic SPC data charts and exported.


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Automation Manager Upgrade

When you buy Automation Manager upgrades are free for one year. ... READ MORE After one year to remain on the upgrade path the cost is 15% (cost of Automation Manager) of per year.


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ezMeasure® allows you to measure, annotate, and analyze your images with just a few clicks.... READ MORE Ideal for microscopy. Create written reports that include the raw data, plus the images involved. For more info visit


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Record images/video prior to and after and event.
For Example Record say 500 image prior to... READ MORE an event and then more after the event. Alternatively capture time stamped images to mark the end of process for audit purposes. supports Modbus to trigger accross the network or the software support different USB IO cards


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Automation Manager prebuilt system

Automation Manager with a industrial prebuilt panel, equipped with:

  • • I5 embedded...
  • • digital IO - with eight inputs/outputs 24V
  • • 17 inch industrial touch screen
The entire unite is black powder coated and has NEMA 12/4 rating.


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