Creative Lifestyles aka SoftAutomation: Products and Services

Automation Manager (Grafcet)

"If a camera can see it, or a probe/laser can 'touch' it, then we can inspect and measure it."

Automation Manager is a graphical software package for the creation of application programs to control machines and inspect/gage products. Automation Manager contains a powerful and broad toolset so a single program can incorporate elements of machine vision, gaging, motion control, etc., all controlled from one software package. All result data can be viewed in dynamic SPC data charts and exported. Automation Manager also has a powerful IO controller using a pseudo ladder logic engine. Automation Manager integrates machine vision, gaging, motion control, thermal imaging and multimedia presentation into a powerful but easy to configure software package.

"The Worlds most configurable software"


ezMeasure is a graphical software package that allows you to measure, annotate, and analyze your images with just a few clicks. Create written reports that include the raw data, plus the images involved. These reports can be printed or emailed.

EzMeasure was created with an intuitive interface and contains tools for image capture, viewing, geometry/metrology, annotation, image processing and manipulation, as well as reporting tools.

Presentation Manager - Inspired - Praise and Worship Projection Software

Church multimedia praise and worship software. Presentation Manager was created to help make church multimedia preparation easier while allowing service to be more dynamic. It uses multiple display technology which allows the operator to make changes to a service on his computer screen without affecting the projected image. Associated with our worship software is:

  •, a Bible resource for presentation software users and timeline software users.
  •, a media resource for presentation software users

Presentation Manager - Signage - Generic Projection Software

Presentation Manager for Digital Signage allows the user to create content for any digital displays/signage.

  • Multiple display can each run their own presentation or share the same presentation
  • Parameter or tagged Data to drive the system can be local on the current machine or remote on the network or the internet
  • action sequences on alarms or other external inputs

Some Example Application Areas:

Foyers areas of companies, banks, sports facilities (YMCA) etc..., Shop pricing boards, Manufacturing data displays, Waiting rooms, Bill Boards.

Automation Controller - configurable Machine Vision and Automation Software

Running on the Raspberry PI a very inexpensive computer.

Interactive Bible Timeline (

An Interactive Bible Timeline software application. By selecting an event on the timeline, the user can compare the date in multiple calendars or read the biblical reference(s) of the event. The user can add and modify events relative to another event and see the effect on historical dating.


Office Manager is a suite of applications(workspaces) which allows easy automation of tasks, such as data back up, email, and file viewing. Office Manager is based on automation manager and synapx technologies and is capable of running on windows, and mac and linux. The core principle behind the application is to automate everyday tasks quickly and and easily.

As examples:

  • In house we release a new product build, create all the installs and upload applications, accross 3 operating systems in 30 minutes.
  • This year all company tasks except for the word processing (subject to change) are done using automation manager and synapx technologies. This includes accounts, databases, web development and upload, product release and upload.

Snap Then Print

Snap then Print captures images at a triggered position in a ride. Several pictures can be taken in quick succession. These picture are display on TV monitors and operator computer monitors. Pictures can be previewed and regions of interest for printing can be selected. Logos/Overlays are customizable.

The standard system can comfortably capture and display 1000 pictures per hour with images coming in quick bursts of up to 6-7 a second as the coaster goes by.

Synapx Technology

Synapx is a application development environment. It is cross platform. Synapx is the layer of code that bridges the operating system, providing a common framework to write applications. Synapx allows the same, operating system independant, code to run on all operating systems by accessing only system resources (i.e. screen, memory, mouse, hard drive); while providing a common look and feel across the machines in question.

All products developed by Creative Lifestyles, Inc are built on synapx technology. For more information, please visit the website.

Soft Automation

"Ready to work for you"

Soft Automation provides integration and consulting services. With a strong expertise in Industrial Automation, Machine Vision and a strong background in software development, Soft Automation Inc prides itself, as a solution provider. Soft Automation provides professional installs for all products sold and developed by Creative Lifestyles, Inc.